KELLY HANDSOME TO MEN: Beware, some female online influencers, public figures are into ‘transactional s3x peddling’


Nigerian singer and songwriter, Kelly Hansome has taken to social media to advise men to do a background check on any female public figure that they may have an interest in.

The musician was reacting to a post by blogger Blessing Okoro who generalized all women as “ashawo” saying as long as they open their legs for a man to penetrate, then they are one.

The singer who reacted on Twitter advised men to always do a background check on any public figure they have interest in as majority of them might be into transactional s3x peddling.

He wrote thus; “All the Ashawos have turned to public figures and influencers. They are now proudly justifying it publicly. That is why I advice young men of nowadays to be careful, especially we the celebrities. Every girl will be like her mother, just know this.

“So, before you date anyone, please conduct a proper background check. I’m not saying they’re condemned or anything like that, I’m just reminding you that a goat can never give birth to a lion. There are so many strong invisible forces daily distracting us all from facing reality. This is life, not a rehearsal. Ejikwala aka gi gbuo onwe gi, muru anya. ?

“Before you think of getting married to someone who thinks all women are prostitutes, remember she already told you. Ogwakwara gi agwa o so don’t complain. If your wife is a friend to such a person or persons, just know that she’s a member. Not saying you should run away from her but just know say she dey open leg wide. To realize is a very big thing so your problem is half solved knowing this fact. Na them. ?

“With these facts, I hereby break this table permanently,” Kelly Handsome added.



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