Lyta’s baby mama comes for him again, says he paid her back with evil


Kemi Ayorinde, the baby mama of Nigerian singer Opeyemi Babatunde Rahim, known in music circles as Lyta has come for him again stating that he paid her back with evil after giving birth to his child.

In a recent post on social media, Kemi who earlier slammed Lyta for not actively taking financial responsibility for their son, called him out yet again stating that even though she has been trying to move on, the memory of certain events fuel her anger.

She revealed that even when she needed to get diapers for their child when she was stranded, he did not come through.

According to her, she had to take care of the singer and his manager on different occasions and also touched on the fact that he denied his son despite saying he wanted a child.

“Even though I have been trying to move on, everyday, I still wake up to a wound which still causes me pain. And yes, healing is a process and I know I will get there soon. But the more I think and remember certain things, especially the one I have not spoken about, the more my anger and frustration builds up, because my anger and frustration builds up because I’ve really been through it through my whole life to be very honest and right now, I just wish I could cause some people pain just the way they cause me pain too,” her post read in part.


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