Lady who once claimed Don Jazzy is her destined husband, declares love for Otedola’s son


A Nigerian lady, identified as Anastasia Michael, who once claimed that award winning music executive, Michael Collins Ajereh aka Don Jazzy, is her destined husband, has expressed her undying love for Femi Otedola’s son, Fewa.

Anastasia made the declaration on Wednesday, June 2, after the youngest son of billionaire business Femi Otedola who turned 21 was celebrated yesterday by his family on social media.

In a post on social media, Anastasia said that she has grown to love Fewa Otedola so much, most especially his cuteness, innocence, simplicity, and notwithstanding.

She added that he drives her crazy and that she would love to spend the rest of her life with Fewa regardless of his Autism.

“I have grown to love Fewa Otedola so much. His cuteness, innocence, simplicity, infact everything about this dude drives me crazy. I will love to spend the rest of my life with Fewaluv regardless of his Autism condition,” Anastasia said.

“Whenever I see him I don’t see his condition but the genuine love I have for him, and I AM WILLING TO MARRY FEWA OTEDOLA, He has stolen my heart.. Happy birthday, my heart beats only for you,” she noted.

Recall that in the month of February, 2021, Anastacia in a lengthy post on Facebook claimed that it has been revealed to her countless times that Don Jazzy is her husband and he is the only man she has ever loved in her life.

She also declared her undying love for the music producer. She added that she has decided to remain a virgin till her wedding night with Don Jazzy.

Anastasia wrote, “Don Jazzy is my husband, and it has been revealed to me countless times. He has been the only man I have ever loved.

“Whenever I look at his picture I feel relieved from depression. I even have millions of photos of him in my gallery; please don’t think it’s a mere crush because I know my feelings for Don baby has passed CRUSHING.”

“I see him in my dreams every time, last night I saw him in my dream cooking indomie for me and his twin children (a boy and a girl I had for him in the dream). He was so happy and fulfilled in that dream, he was about to feed me then I woke up.

“I have preserved my virginity till my wedding night with him. My spirit keeps telling me he is mine, and I even realize we were both born in November, in fact we both have a lot of things in common.

“Don baby you are my world best, my heart desire, my laughter, my happiness and fulfillment.

“Michael Collins Ajereh and Anastasia Micheal



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