Most Nigerian kids are more into Nigerian music than movies, filmmaker opines


Nigerian movie producer, Niyi Akinmolayan is of the opinion that most children in the country are more into Nigerian music than local movies because of the obvious lack of use of hi-tech equipment.

Akinmolayan who shared his thoughts when he took to his Twitter handle on Saturday night May 1, to ask what young Nigerians want to see from Nollywood said that most young people aren’t into Nollywood like they are into Nigerian music.

He wrote thus on Twitter; ”I wonder if a film with 90% cast under 25 get tons of young people to the cinema. Because to be honest, these kids aren’t into Nollywood the way they are into naija music.

“What do young people like to see from Nollywood… NOTE: we can’t do avengers or Spiderman yet o,” he noted.


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