PLATEAU: Six miners killed, two others injured during attack by suspected bandits


A deadly attack launched by suspected Fulani bandits in the Wereng community, Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau state has left no fewer than six miners dead and two other victims seriously wounded.

The incident was confirmed on Friday by the Chairman Berom Educational and Cultural Organisation (BECO), Mr Gyang Dudu, who said that eight miners were waylaid at about 7:45 pm on Thursday, April 15, on their way home from a mining site.

He also revealed that there was a security alert that the community would be attacked three days before the incident.

“There was a security alert three days ago that this same community would be attacked, the name of the mastermind was attached and they attacked as planned. They always send message and signal before they launch any attack but the question is that if someone is fingered such a person ought to have been invited and interrogated accordingly,” Mr Dudu said.

“But in this situation, the person whose name was linked to the attack was not invited, no security patrol of the area, the community was not fortified until the attack took place. These attackers are just doing as they wish and nobody is stopping them, there’s the need for justice in this country,” he added.


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