Police on the hunt for suspects who raped two elderly women, brutally murdered one of the victims


The police in South Africa are on the hunt for suspects who raped two elderly women aged 75 and 91, at Sigubudwini Administrative Area in Tsomo, Eastern Cape on Sunday night, June 6.

Reports say the victims were sleeping when two suspects now on the run broke into their home using a window and demanded money, before sexually assaulting the two of them.

Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana, SAPS spokesperson in the Eastern Cape said that only one of the women survived the attack and South African Police officers are now hunting for the perpetrators.

He said; “During the incident, one of the victims managed to escape for her life to a neighbour’s homestead, whilst leaving the other inside the house where the incident took place.”

When police arrived at the crime scene, they found the 91-year-old woman outside the house. Unfortunately, she had already died. SAPS said that they are still not sure what weapon was used in the murder.

Kinana added; “Police were called and found the 91-year-old outside the house. She was already dead. It is still not clear what weapon was used in the killing. A case of rape and one of murder have been registered. The motive for this incident forms part of the investigation. No arrest has been made at this stage.”




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