‘YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR HEAD EXAMINED’, Actor Femi Branch tears into Yemi Solade over comments on Twitter ban


Nollywood actor Femi Branch has taken a swipe at his colleague Yemi Solade who accused Twitter’s management of insulting Nigerian President and by extension Nigerians by deleting his (Buhari’s) tweet.

Yemi Solade, who is in full support of the suspension of operations of Twitter in Nigeria noted during an interview, that the number of Nigerians on Twitter contributed to the success of the social media platform.

He also alleged that this is not the first time Twitter will be humiliating Nigerians while also noting in the interview that the same thing happened to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

According to him, when a platform is used to foment anarchy, it should be regulated because it is not helping the country.

However, Femi Branch in a video shared via his Instagram page on Tuesday, June 8, 2021, said that it is only someone who is not progressive that would approve the government’s ban on Twitter.

The actor said that he didn’t want to comment on the Twitter ban, but after hearing the comments of his colleague, he felt compelled to express himself and also advise him to have his head examined.

“I just want to express myself on the whole Twitter ban, I said I was not going to say anything, but after hearing the comment of someone I don’t want to mention the name, I feel compelled to say something, very quickly, there is nothing good about the Twitter ban,” he said.

“It is only those that are working or supporting the government that will see nothing wrong with the action of the government. We all know the role Twitter plays in our life as people, especially young people. In terms of jobs and expressing themselves.

“It is only someone who is not progressive that will say the ban is a good thing, and Twitter has helped to save a life when things are happening in some extreme part of the country, passing information that can save lives, helps in creating awareness.”

“It is not good for the country and the image. Trump was removed from Twitter, but he didn’t ban Twitter, if you are a private individual and you see nothing wrong with the Twitter ban, I think you need to examine your brain,” Femi Branch advised.


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