S3X ASSAULT: Dani Alves’ request to be released from jail on remand rejected


Troubled Brazilian footballer Dani Alves’ request to be released from jail on remand after he was arrested for alleged s3xual assault has been rejected.

The request was rejected by a Spanish court on Tuesday February 21 by a Spanish court as investigation over an alleged s3xual assault in a Barcelona nightclub continues.

Alves’ lawyer had asked for him to be released on bail if he surrendered his passport and wore an electronic tag, arguing that he had family ties in Spain.

However, the court rejected the arguments and ordered him to remain on remand at the Brians 2 prison on the outskirts of Barcelona.

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”There is a high risk of fleeing as… the severe punishment he faces in the present case, the strong evidence of wrongdoing and his economic might would make it possible for him… to leave Spain at any time,’ the court said.

Recall that Dani Alves, who is currently under investigation on a s3xual assault charge, was remanded to jail last month by a Spanish judge, the Catalonia Higher Court of Justice.

“Investigating magistrate number 15 of Barcelona has received today, as a detainee, the football player Dani Alves, accused by a woman for an alleged sexual assault, in events that allegedly happened in a Barcelona discotheque this past month of December,” the statement said.


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