Seun Kuti denies being a wife beater


Popular Afrobeat singer Seun Kuti has taken to social media to deny rumours making the rounds that he may possibly be physically and verbally attacking his wife.

Seun Kuti denied the allegation during an Instagram live session while he was reacting to speculations that his wife Yetunde might be a victim of domestic violence after a video of him yelling at her during an altercation with a police officer surfaced online.

Recall that in the video of him slapping and pushing a police officer on the Third Mainland Bridge, his wife, Yetunde stepped down from their car and tried to calm her husband.

Seun, however, in a commando style ordered her back into the car and she complied without hesitation.

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While addressing the assumption, Seun denied being a wife beater. He said that that those who are familiar with his family could testify to this and also debunked the notion that his wife is scared of him.

“The most important rumor I must dispel is the one that they said I’m beating my wife. They said I screamed at her to get into the car [in the viral video], and she went into the car… That she is scared of me.

‘‘My wife is not scared of me. Trust me, if you know anybody that knows us, I’m the one that’s scared of my wife. But my wife respects me,” Seun explained.


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