Sheyi Shay reacts after bashing for telling Nigerian Idol contestant he’ll never make money singing  


Nigerian singer Seyi Shay has taken to social media to react to the deluge criticism that came her way after telling a teenage boy that he’ll never make money singing during Nigerian idol audition.

Seyi Shay who is one of the judges of Nigerian Idol Season 6 show, was taken to the cleaners by Nigerians after she told the young boy auditioning for the musical contest that he will never make money singing.

In her remarks on the contestant’s performances during the live audition on the 29th of March, Seyi Shay made some comments that irked viewers of the Nigerian Idol show.

She said; “And I’m laughing at the fact that I can’t just believe what I just heard. Like who told you, just wait. Somebody lied to you, somebody told you to come here and audition. And that person should go back and tell them that they are not your friend. Because that was not a good audition.

“You have a sweet-talking voice and it comes out in your singing voice but your performance is terrible. You are never going to make money being a singer,” Seyi Shay added.

Her comments did not go down well with some of the viewers of the show who took to social media to reprimand the singer and also to express their thoughts regarding her statement. Below are some reactions;

“Imagine Seyi Shay telling a 17 year old with a good voice, who has passion for singing that “YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO MAKE MONEY BEING A SINGER”. Cos you’re God abi?

“Wtf!! This is too much from Seyi shay, is this supposed to be a word of encouragement to a 17y/o kid???

In a statement while reacting to the comments she made, Seyi Shay said that she is feeling like Judge Judy and the audience has to either love or hate her. She then further thanked Nigerians on Twitter for making her trend.

“I’m feeling like #JudgeJudy right now. You either LOVE her OR you HATE her, and that’s quite ALRIGHT! Either way, Thanks for the #1 trend tweeps,” Seyi Shay wrote in reply.


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