Sick, perverted patriarch who raped daughters, sons and fathered their children exposed  


A sick and perverted patriarch identified as Tim Colt has been exposed after it was discovered that he had raped three of his daughters and impregnated them with his sons and fathered their children.


The horrific details were revealed on Friday in the courts of New South Wales, Australia after a gag order on the gruesome trial ceased thus exposing one of the “world’s most inbred family”.

The Court allowed full details of the shocking abuse to be made public, albeit with the names changed to pseudonyms for the children’s protection, including the family name of ‘Colt’.

The 38-member clan was finally discovered by police living in squalor in a sickening story of incest, paedophilia and neglect.

Three of the late Tim Colt’s daughters have gone through court trials, been assaulted in prison and been ostracised in communities due to their inbred children.

Tim, who died in 2009, allegedly fathered his daughter Betty’s 13 children, four of Rhonda’s offspring and even had a child with his granddaughter Raylene.

In another Colt trial, his son Roderick was found guilty of raping his niece, who was also his half-sister.

The victim, Petra, was the biological child of Tim and Betty Colt.

She told police in 2013 that she had never gone to school, lived “in a cult” and that “all my aunts, uncles and cousins have been sleeping together”.

Betty and Rhonda’s sister Martha, who openly shared a “martial bed” with her brother Charlie, gave birth to five children, most likely fathered by her sibling, her dad Tim and another brother, Roderick.



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