Singer Iggy Azalea announces her unexpected retirement from music  


Popular American singer Iggy Azalea has surprised scores of her teeming fans across the globe when she announced in a post on social media that she is retiring from music.

The musician in a post on her official X handle (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday (Jan. 3), Azalea detailed the thought process that helped her decide to shift her focus away from music.

She noted in her post that she knows that a lot of people have this idea that she was ‘bullied away from music’ and that’s something she has always laughed at because she has never been bullied out of anything.

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“I’ve always been someone who finds my joy in being creative & seeing my ideas come to life. For a long time I used music to deliver my big crazy ideas to the world,” she wrote.

“I know a lot of people have this idea that I was ‘bullied away from music’ and that’s something I’ve always laughed at because I’d never be bullied out of anything! In fact, I’m too stubborn.

‘‘I think I’ve even resisted changes within myself at times, purely because I don’t like being viewed as someone who quits.” The musician added in her post.


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