Tribal mark face model leaks chat with married man who offered half a million naira to sleep with her


Popular tribal mark face model Adetutu OJ, has taken to social media to leak chats she had with a married man who offered her the lump sum of N500, 000.00 just to have sex with him for a night.

Adetutu who revealed leaked the chats in a series of screenshots on her official social media account noted that she initially did not find the conversation and deal funny but she decided to play along just to get more information about the man with the aim of  exposing him.

The mother of one also stated that the married man had explained in the chat that he fantasizes about having sex with an “ugly” woman and that was why he wanted to have a one-night stand with her.

Sharing the leaked chat, Adetutu wrote; “I have been waiting for this person to open their page for over two hours and I am impatient about it.

“My friend told me to play along until I get his pictures. He sent them but I don’t want to believe the pictures he sent were his because how can you call me ugly when you look like a rat,” she added.


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