I almost committed suicide after leaked gay video, actor Godwin Maduagu reveals


Burgeoning Nollywood actor, Godwin Maduagu, took to social media during the week to reveal that he felt like committing suicide after an alleged sex tape of him with another man leaked on the internet.

The lanky actor stated that the viral sex tape which questioned his sexuality really affected him in a lot of ways, especially in terms of family members and socially with members of the public.

“I threatened to commit suicide because it affected my career, family and frame of mind.

“My state of mind now is that I have learnt how to be strong and overcome obstacles and challenges. I have also learnt how to find my feet again on social media and every other place.”

Uche also explained how the sex tape affected his career; “It has affected me in a lot of ways, especially in terms of family and socially. It has given me a stigma, reducing the capacity of my character and limiting me in every path I take.

“(Right now), I need promotions and endorsements to boost my career in the acting and modelling spheres. I want to go international and make my country proud. I have many plans for my career. I don’t want to be limited. I want to become a proud Oscar winner to bring glory to my country,” he added.


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