OAP Toke Makinwa laments, says it’s difficult to get a man without complications


Chatterbox media personality Toke Makinwa has taken to her official social media account to declare that it is difficult at the moment to get a man without adjoining complications.

The Vlogger who took to her official Twitter page to make the declaration said a lot of men have issues that are complicating their lives while also adding that she just wants to get intimate with a man without issues.

While further sharing her thoughts on the matter on social media, Toke Makinwa noted on the social media platform that she walks away when a guy responds to her question with ‘it’s complicated’.

She wrote thus on Twitter; “Can a girl just get some good “D” with no complications, likeeeeeeeeee!!!!

“If he ain’t ugly, got some baby mama drama, fighting some financial demons, spiritual too… Married or unsure of his status, (he might be single but someone somewhere is dating him), there has to be some unfinished business!!! Fix it Lord

“Once you hear “it’s complicated” after you’ve asked a question, your head starts spinning into different directions, like nobody wants to inherit your complications, can I just find a unicorn,” she concluded.


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